“Home, Where Is Home?” Book Launch

“Home, Where Is Home?” Book Launch

This past weekend one of our authors, Rosamond S. White, launched her book and held a story time at Charter Oak Cultural Center. Both events were met with success, but the book launch was particularly special. At the event, Caribbean music was being played by the DJ to honor White's birthplace, Antigua and Barbuda and her maternal home in the Commonwealth of the Dominica. The incredible food and drinks, which included pholourie, pine tart, beef patties, soursop juice,  scones, bujol bruschetta, and more, also acted as a tribute to the authors Caribbean roots.

Attendees then got in line to see White and buy a book or have their copy signed. Some prominent attendees included Mayor Mike Walsh, Connecticut senator Saud Anwar, and Town Council members. The author's friends and family from NY, CT, and MA also attended and shared in this special day.

Before reading her book, White made an emotional speech where she shared the reason she wrote the book: so Caribbean voices can be heard. 

Lauren Simone prides itself for publishing books that encourage diversity and share stories that are often pushed to the shadows. Rosamond White's new book is the perfect example of why these voices are so important to hear.

If you haven’t done so already be sure to check out Whites book Home, Where Is Home? a beautiful story about the importance of family, culture, and history. 


  • Kay

    Congratulations. This book is a book suitable for family. It’s captivating, informative and exciting all together. I am looking foward for more adventures. Thanks for sharing.

  • Tracy-Ann Johnson

    Congratulations Roz. Your faith, hard work and perserverance will continue to bring forth greatness in the world. The first book in your series is phenomenal. Thank you.

  • Ragge Malmberg

    I’m superproud and superhappy for you!

  • Karelle

    Congratulations Roz, Excellent work! Best wishes on your endeavors for a continued success.

  • Cornel White

    Fabulous continued success.

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