Celebrating the Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July from everyone here at Lauren Simone Publishing! Our world looks a little different than it did before, however, this day represents more than our independence. Today also represents growth. Growth toward a more inclusive future; a future where equality isn’t a pipe dream but a reality. Growth toward a better place where freedom is given to all.

Here at Lauren Simone Publishing, we like to think we celebrate a little bit of this everyday with our desire to spread more diverse stories. With each purchase you make we are one book away from changing each other’s lives. And eventually changing our future.

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday! As a way of celebrating and thanking you for being part of a change and we are offering a 20% off sale, just use the promo code FREEDOM when making your purchase. 

Not sure what books to purchase? Happyvism is a great story about finding joy in times of hardship and You are the U in Unique encourages readers to embrace everything about themselves. These are just two among the many amazing titles you can purchase at Lauren Simone! Be sure to browse our catalog and find the book for you!

Let us know in the comments below, how you’re  celebrating the fourth and what books you purchase! 

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    Amazing blog post!

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