Book Review: Cheesesteaks and Clippers

Tre Hadrick; Cameron Wilson

Cheesesteaks and Clippers (Paperback)

cheesesteaks and clippers

Cheesesteaks and Clippers is an engaging look at important life experiences learned during a trip to an adored local barbershop. Narrated by Ernesto, a young boy in need of a trim, the hilarious story, and appealing illustrations portray the affection and camaraderie between different cohorts in the African American community.  

The book begins with a riveting dedication to the author’s son, his childhood barber, and all the barbers making men and boys alike look so handsome and well-groomed.

The story takes place in Champions Barbershop, of course, located on Main Street, Norristown, PA. There we meet Ernesto and Mr. Sam, the barber. The story speaks to a cultural tradition that takes place in the barbershop such as debates over which professional sports team is better, personal skills, employment or entrepreneurial opportunities, dating, etc. This story doesn’t just stop there. It highlights some of the greatest men in African American history and embraces the idea of the community being a village to rear our youth.

So why is the book called Cheesesteaks and Clippers? Well, the clippers you get from the barbershop context, but you have to read and find out for yourself about the cheesesteaks.  

We give this book five stars for its wholesome story, vivid and entertaining storytelling, and appealing illustrations that are representative of all brown-skinned boys.  

Available for sale at Amazon and Walmart. Coming soon to  Lauren Simone Publishing House.



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