Book Launch: The Tale of Princess Alicia

On Saturday December 1st, my business partners, Shaneika Burchell-Kerr, Olivia Lauren, and myself, Melissa-Sue John met at Bronx Bethany Nazarene Church, where we would be hosting the most anticipated book launch for Lauren Simone Pubs (LSP). The Tale of Princess Alicia is the 10th book, but the first chapter book, to be published by LSP. Written by entrepreneur and very talented author, Yvette Phillips, “The Tale of Princess Alicia” is a story about a young girl who has a strong love for animals, and the animals loved her in return. Princess Alicia befriended all the animals near her castle. Because of her friendship with the animals, when they suddenly turned up missing, she did not hesitate to risk her life to save her animal friends. Each chapter is a page turner. In addition to the wonderful narration are beautiful and vivid pictures illustrated by teen artist, Simonne-Anais Clarke. 

​Upon entering this beautiful place of worship, we followed a path to a large room with 3 long tables, 3 cocktail tables, 6 vases with floral arrangements, a few chairs, books, and marketing material. Shout out to Aunt Peaches and Doreen who assisted with the decoration set up. The room was inviting as it boasted an author banner, sign in sheet, kids’ activity table, appetizer table, and chairs in rows facing the author’s table. At 3pm, the guest of honor, Yvette Phillips arrived with her husband, son, and mother. Soon, friends and family started to pour in. As more guests arrived, we got more chairs leaving only standing room. Still, more people poured in. Our hearts filled with gratitude at the support of the author, and interest in the book, The Tale of Princess Alicia.


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