Black Children's Reading Lounge Event

This past Sunday, June 12th, Simone Adeji and Liberated Home School hosted a black children’s reading lounge via zoom. 
The event kicked off with some fun music and introductions about Lauren Simone Publishing House and Liberated Home School.

Over 20 children and their parents attended this wonderful event! Among the guests were Mr. and Mrs. Burke, bookstore owners from Canada, and others from Nigeria, the U.S. and Canada.

Olivia John, co-author of the Olivia Lauren Series read Olivia Lauren’s: Olivia Travels.

Afterwards Dr. John answered questions from children and adults alike. The questions ranged from “what’s your favorite book?” to “what’s the advantage of being a publisher versus just an author?” to “if we are going to publish more books” and more. Perhaps one of the most important questions asked, “why does it matter who writes the story?” From these questions emerged a discussion on authenticity and writing from one’s own perspective and experience. And most importantly not being biased. Dr. John explained what a stereotype was and shared statistics on representation of characters of color. 

At Lauren Simone we pride ourselves on being representatives for the untold stories. We seek to be a part of the change. 

Want to be part of the change too? Be sure to check out our website to check out our diverse selection of titles. And if you enjoyed Olivia Lauren Travels be sure to check out the rest of the books in the Olivia Lauren collection!

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