Author Rosamond White featured in Canvas Rebel Magazine

Rosamond White, a passionate author and storyteller represented by Lauren Simone Pubs, shares her mission to illuminate the diverse and often overlooked Caribbean culture through her writings to Canvas Rebel Magazine. Highlighting the region's rich tapestry of islands, languages, and histories, she aims to awaken curiosity in children and adults alike about the multi-faceted Caribbean identity.

With a background in history, Human Resources, and Leadership, Rosamond describes herself as a perpetual researcher driven by an insatiable curiosity to unravel the roots of identity and heritage. Her goal is to equip individuals with a deeper understanding of their lineage, connecting them with diverse cultures, foods, customs, and shared global histories.

Frequently mistaken for being Jamaican due to her Caribbean heritage, Rosamond is steadfast in her commitment to showcasing the Caribbean's uniqueness beyond stereotypes. Her book series, Malachi and Karelle"  starting with "Home Where is Home" follows a family journeying through different Caribbean islands, emphasizing the region's diversity akin to a pepperpot dish—varied, complex, and interconnected. The gratification Rosamond finds in her craft lies in the emotional response she receives from her audience during readings. Witnessing the engagement and appreciation, particularly from parents eager to continue exploring her stories, fuels her dedication.

Her creative journey is guided by a steadfast mission—to educate and prompt inquiry into the historical layers of our surroundings. Rosamond's ultimate aspiration is to write stories from a Caribbean perspective that resonate with both children and adults, with hopes of reaching bestseller status and even seeing her tales adapted into movies, broadening the portrayal of Caribbean narratives on a global stage.

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