Author Feature: Janice Polite, A Worm Named Small

In February, Janice Polite shared her latest children's book with the community. It’s a heartwarming story called A Worm Named Small. The main character, Small, doesn't think highly of himself due to his size and is uncomfortable talking to other animals. But when he does, they all treat him kindly and try to help Small with his needs. The purpose of the book is for people to be more loving and inclusive. The vision for this book was sparked when Janice was a teen.

One day during her daily walk to school, she observed worms in the rain. She carefully stepped over them to protect them. Her idea evolved when her mom gave her a writing notebook. She continued prepping her story, but she was certain she would release it after an incident. 

Her family had a house fire and the notebook was one of the few things that survived. Janice has already started spreading the word to aspiring authors about the Lauren Simone Publishing House. Her experience touched her so much that she encourages others to fulfill their literary goals!

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