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Aadil was born in Meerut, India and lives in Delhi, India. He is an experienced Graphic Designer with a love for illustrating children's books. He owns his own company, where he uses the latest trends in illustration. He provides a complete service from designing covers and illustrations to layout design and typesetting. When he is not working, he is spending time with family, traveling, or enjoying sports, specifically racing.
Clara Jane Quinn

Clara lives in Southern Maryland. She is a middle child in a very busy family! In her spare time, she enjoys digital drawing, arts & crafts, Acting, and Pinterest. She is in the gifted program at her school and in addition to regular studies she plays the piano, violin, and is learning the Korean language. Clara-Jane loves K-Pop (Korean Pop Music) and the Korean culture, she hopes to spend a school year in Korea to learn more about their culture. Clara-Jane's talent was recognized by producers which resulted in her being a contestant on HBO-Max Television Competition series Craftopia. Clara-Jane joined Lauren Simone Publishing House in 2020, where she completed her first illustrated book, Mommy Loves All of You. In 2021, she completed Home, Where is home? She hopes to be a successful illustrator when she graduates college.

Juliana is a freelance Illustrator based in São Paulo, Brazil.  She specializes in digital illustration, and most of her work is focused on children's illustration. She loves drawing colorful and cute things, and likes to use colors and textures to bring an extra spark for the illustrations. She joined Lauren Simone Publishing in 2023.
Kymani Marley illustrator Kimarley was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Hartford, CT. Currently, he is a student at Morehouse College and a journalism major. He joined Lauren Simone Publishing in 2022, when he was 20 years old and just a junior in college. His hobbies include drawing and sketching, hiking, and reading graphic novels. He also enjoys going to the movie theater. His accomplishments include publishing his book, Chad against the world and later releasing his second book a year later. His goal is to open his own animation studio and publishing company one day.
Sumit is a 2D animator illustrator with a main focus in character design, concept art but I am always open to other forms of art like children book illustrations, background designs, storyboarding, sketching inking, coloring, comic art, and game designs. He enjoys working with pencil and colors to create images that express character and mood. He graduated from the CMJ University with a BA, and has diploma in Art and Animation. He enjoys making new character designs & sketching in my spare time, and am always exploring the world for inspiration.
Lauren Fantin

Lauren is a 20 year old Illustrator and Graphic Designer from Brazil. She has been drawing digitally for over 10 years and loves creating colorful illustrations for children. When she is not working, she likes to read books, play with her cat and study something new. She began her artistic journey when she was 10 years old, drawing for her friends and classmates at school.

Dominique Rattray aka Niquey Niquey is the illustrator of Amari's Proskater and Olivia Lauren's Olivia Travels. She designed the Olivia Lauren book series characters, as well as the Lauren Simone Publishing House logo. She is a digital artist from Connecticut who adores making portrait drawings full of expression, personality, and elements of fantasy. Her other interests include animation, computer programming, languages, and their related cultures, and teaching all the above. She speaks four languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, and Italian in order of fluency, and recently started learning Japanese. She has been drawing digitally for over 12 years. She is always striving to improve her art and hopes to become a master fantasy and portrait artist.
 Raheem Nelson (Ra!) and I'm an Artist based in New Haven, CT. I went to the School Of Visual Arts and completed my education with a BFA in Cartooning. I have a traditional background in Cartooning but I've branched out into working exclusively on my iPad. I specialize in portraits, pop art, cartooning and urban landscape art.  Raheem aka Ra is a New Haven, CT based artist. He attended the School Of Visual Arts and completed his education with a BFA in Cartooning. He also has a traditional background in Cartooning but has pivoted to digital art exclusively, specializing in portraits, pop art, and urban landscape art. He is also a published author of two children’s books in collaboration with author Kamyka Glenn.
Sheila was born in the Philippines and has been drawing since she could hold a pencil. She has been creating children's books over 10 years. 
Simonne Anais Clarke Simonne is a curious, optimistic, creative person who is passionate about sharing stories with others. She does this through her art, writing, acting, singing, and animation. Simonne and her brother Zachary have been illustrating with Lauren Simone Publishing House since 2016. She has contributed to the publishing of Occupations A to ZThings We WearDisco balls of the Universe, The Golden Life of Sally SunflowerThe Tale of Princess Alicia, and Lala and Henry Wingo, to name a few.
Terry is a 20-year-old artist who has always been passionate about the world of art. Ever since she was young, Terry showed an innate talent for drawing, painting, and other forms of visual arts. Her passion for art grew stronger as she got older, and she spent most of her free time practicing and improving her illustration skills. As Terry grew older, her interest in art expanded to other medium, such as singing and photography. 
Zachary Zachary grew to love animated movies, writing fiction stories, developing and designing fictional characters, and creating graphic novels. He enjoys animation, cooking gluten free foods, and taking care of his pets. In addition, he performs in community theater. Zachary and his older sister, Simonne-Anais Clarke have illustrated over a dozen books including Olivia Lauren’s Occupations A to ZOlivia Lauren’s A Guide to Things We WearDisco Balls of the UniverseThe Golden Life of Sally SunflowerThe Tale of Princess Alicia chapter book and accompanying activity bookElijah's Birthday SurpriseGratitude Journal for KidsLala and Henry Wingo to name a few.