Meet Clara-Jane | Lauren Simone Publishing

Clara-Jane is 13 years old and lives in Southern Maryland. She is a middle child in a very busy family! In her spare time, she enjoys digital drawing, arts & crafts, Acting, and Pinterest. She is in the gifted program at her school and in addition to regular studies she plays the piano, violin, and is learning the Korean language. Clara-Jane loves K-Pop (Korean Pop Music) and the Korean culture, she hopes to spend a school year in Korea to learn more about their culture. Clara-Jane's talent was recognized by producers which resulted in her being a contestant on HBO-Max Television Competition series Craftopia. Clara-Jane joined Lauren Simone Publishing House in 2020, where she completed her first illustrated book, Mommy Loves All of You. In 2021, she completed Home, Where is home? She hopes to be a successful illustrator when she graduates college.

 Clara Jane Quinn Home Where is Home Rosemond White