Meet the Cross Family | Lauren Simone Publishing Authors

The Cross family lives in the Pacific Northwest and are interested in science and nature.  

Emmy wants to be a food scientist, she is an active baker who donates bakes to the local homeless via Project Serve, weekly.  She is actively learning chemistry and math and hopes to create new foods in a food and fresh water challenged future.

Ander’s passion is marine wildlife, specifically aquatic reptiles and sharks.  He is studying robotics and coding and hopes to create integrated lifelike robots to observe and support the ongoing health of marine animals.

Carol worked in high tech for decades and has multiple degrees ranging from business and information technologies to cybersecurity.  Her current work is in STEM, supporting the next generation of scientists and thinkers.  

Cross Family Dark Shade Book National Geographic

The family (including dad) worked together to find a way to bring attention to the plight of the Komodo Dragon. They plan to continue Dark Shade’s story and to bring light to other threatened species such as Giraffes.