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Sabrena Bishop is a wife, mother of Madison and Elijah Bishop, and trained aviation professional who recently became an early childhood educator. Madison's speech delay and autism diagnosis allowed her to better understand how children communicate and increased her desire to pursue children's literature. The Madison and Elijah series is a true journey of how they grow and develop in their own little lives while mastering their skills. Having lived in several countries of varying cultures inspired her to address the need for multicultural children's literature. ​

Elijah Bishop, born Sept. 5, 2013, is an energetic, fun, and loving boy. He enjoys playing with trucks, cars, and watching educational videos about dinosaurs.  

Madison Bishop, born June 3, 2011, is a talented artist. She enjoys swimming, dancing, gymnastics, and exploring with paints. Madison and Elijah both share a passion for learning and creativity. They have big imaginations and it comes out in their painting and storytelling. The sibling love and support of each other is unconditional, Elijah inspires Madison’s art work and Madison inspires Elijah’s creative thought process. Their love and dedication for each other has fueled their goals and aspirations. Together they created the Madison and Elijah series. Follow on Instagram: @madisonavabishop and @elijahtheauthor


 Elijah and his invisible friend

Elijah's Birthday Surprise  Madison explores paint