Meet Author Pedro Valentin | Lauren Simone Pubs Author

Pedro Valentin Jr., born in New York City and raised in Meriden, Connecticut, is a classically trained artist having earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from Philadelphia University of the Arts and a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from Syracuse University. After a distinguished career as an illustrator in advertising, Pedro was determined to be of help to others and worked for the State of Connecticut in housing and workforce development. In 2003, he combined both passions and joined the faculty of Capital Community College, where he helped students and led them to discover the wonder of artistic expression. While there, he served as curator for the Conrad L. Mallett Art Gallery. One of his more personally rewarding projects was working in partnership with Three Rivers Community College and Wally Lamb on the creation of “Couldn’t Keep It to Myself”, the product of a literary and artistic rehabilitation program at York Correctional Institution, which was featured on 60 Minutes and selected by Oprah Winfrey’s book club. Pedro is now retired, living in Lebanon, Connecticut, and dedicating himself to his artistic pursuits.