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Author Cheryl L. Baldwin

Cheryl L. Baldwin, local CT resident, had a difficult time in school, which affected her self-esteem and confidence. At Ben Bronz Academy, where she attended, she learned she had dyslexia. This diagnosis helped her understand why she was fearful of reading out loud and why she was unable to read to her first-born son, Timothy. Although Cheryl was challenged with a learning disability, it did not hinder her from pursuing a career in Early Childhood Education where she became a preschool teacher. That is where the inspiration began. After years of working at a learning center, Cheryl’s confidence increased and the fear of reading was dispelled, and the gift of writing came alive within her. Cheryl is a strong believer in God and gives all praises to the Lord, the author, and finisher, of her faith. She is the author of You Can't Catch Me. 

Cheryl Baldwin You Cant Catch Me