Meet the Bandos | Lauren Simone Publishing

Ayana Bando

Ayana is the mother of Kiya and Jordan Bando, is an avid reader who wanted her children to enjoy reading as much as she.  She read to her children often and stressed the importance of reading as well as writing which led to the creation of Lala and Henry Wingo with Kiya and Jordan. Follow on Instagram @ayana_bando.

Jordan Bando is the co-author of Lala and Henry Wingo . She is also an innovator who’s always looking for ways to make her life simple.  She is a passionate friend who can play well with others or create wonderful worlds and games all on her own.  Her favorite things to do are eat French fries and watch videos! Follow on instagram at

Kiya Bando​ is the co-author of Lala and Henry Wingo. She is also a leader who is always willing to lend a helping hand.  When she isn’t helping teachers with students in younger grades at school, she’s talking to friends, or reading and doing math!  Her favorite things to do are eat popcorn and play with her sisters. Follow on Instagram at