Meet Alyssa Simone | Lauren Simone Publishing Author

Alyssa is the co-author of Olivia Connects, the 3rd book of the Olivia Lauren series, a college graduate, and former teen actor, model, violinist, and athlete. Alyssa is smart, confident, talented, and has great work ethic. She was an actor in “Coda” (film), “The Passion of the King” (play), TV Shows (The Blacklist, Orange is the New Black, Seven Seconds), music videos: “Polaridad” by Alex Ferreira, “My Daughter’s Living Room” by Alge, and “StereoTypes” by Black Violin. She has walked in several runway shows including Harlem Week and Circle of SistersShe has been featured in Writer's Life magazine, Wild Child magazine, and the Hartford Courant. She has been playing violin since the third grade, and participated in over dozen orchestra recitals including Black Violin at the Bushnell Theater. She has worked as an editor, literary critic, and reviewer at Lauren Simone Publishing House. 


Olivia Connects