Imani's Portable Telescope

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Imani's Portable Telescope
Color: black + silver
Material: ABS+ stainless steel
Telescope size: 39CM long, 8CM wide, 6.5CM in diameter (adjustable length to 44CM)
Three leg size: 28CM wide, 37CM high
Instrument magnification: 90 times
Resolution: 2.800 sec.
Aperture: 50mm
Focal length: 360mm.f/7
Oblique mirror: 90°
Theodolite and aluminum tripod
Height of three feet stand: 38cm
Standard 0.965 inch accessories include:
Eyepiece: H4mm, H20mm.
Usage method:
1, support the feet, pull the telescope barrel onto the yoke and adjust with a big lock screw.
2, insert the zenith mirror into the focusing cylinder and fix it with the corresponding screws.
3, put the eyepiece on the zenith mirror and fix it with the corresponding screws.

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